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22-Year-Old Accused Of Driving Car Into Crowd Outside Bar  2014-04-18
There were some scary moments in front of a Plano bar on Thursday. Police say a driver plowed into a group of people leaving The Hang Out Patio Bar, along northbound Central Expressway near Parker Road.
Man arrested after driving drunk into pedestrians, injuring 4  2014-04-18
PLANO -- A 22-year-old man has been arrested for driving drunk into a group of pedestrians and leaving the scene. Police say on April 17 around 10:30 p.m., Benjamin Kevin Newman drove into a parking lot on northbound Central Expressway, hitting four people. He left the scene but was later caught by police. Two of the pedestrians had minor injuries. The other two were taken to a local hospital ...
Man charged with DWI in Plano crash that injured 4  2014-04-18
A man was charged Thursday night in a crash that involved a car hitting four people, according to a spokesperson with the Plano Police Department.
Woman gets life for fatally stabbing, castrating man in Far East Dallas  2014-04-15
The victim’s teenage daughters use impact statements to forgive Cristal Richardson for her vicious attack on Cedric Lamont Owens.
Convicted Drunk Driver Develops Safe Ride Program  2014-04-11
Benito Capellan isn’t walking around the UT Arlington campus; he’s in Lubbock behind bars.
Cops: Drunk Driver Hits Curb, Fire Hydrant & Fence Before Plowing Into Apartment  2014-04-06
Police arrested a man suspected of drunk driving Saturday night after he crossed over multiple lanes of traffic, then hit a curb, fire hydrant and fence before plowing into an apartment complex.
Mom Accused In DWI Crash That Killed Her Kids  2014-03-31
A car crash on Saturday night left two children dead and another two children injured, and their mother has been accused of driving drunk in the incident.
Mom: 'I deserved to be punished' after two kids killed in suspected DWI crash  2014-03-30
IRVING — An Irving woman faces intoxication manslaughter charges after a Saturday night crash that killed two of her children and injured two others. Irving police said Crystal Suniga, 30, lost control of her sport utility vehicle and slammed into two parked cars across from Gilbert Elementary School in the 1500 block of East Pioneer Drive at around 8 p.m. Police spokesman James McLellan said ...
Oak Cliff family crushed by loss of mom, daughter in suspected DWI crash  2014-03-27
DALLAS -- An Oak Cliff family is devastated after two of their own died this week in a tragic accident off West Ledbetter Drive. The Arellano family was on their way home Sunday night when they were hit by another car. The driver of that car, Christopher Bynum, is behind bars facing intoxication manslaughter charges. Police say he was high on the drug known as PCP. "I thought I was never going ...
'Affluenza' drunk driving victim seeks trial to settle civil lawsuit  2014-03-26
BURLESON — The McConnell family made one thing clear Wednesday: They want a jury trial to reach a verdict in their civil lawsuit against Ethan Couch and his parents. Couch was driving drunk last June when he plowed into a group of people off Burleson-Retta Road trying to help a stranded motorist. Four people were killed. In December, a juvenile judge ruled that Couch — who was 16 at the time of ...
Survivor Pursues Lawsuit Against Teen In Deadly DWI Crash  2014-03-26
A North Texas family says they are not settling with Ethan Couch's family. In fact, they want a jury to hear their lawsuit. The family says their young son is still traumatized and dealing with the impact of the deadly crash that happened last summer.
Mom says Victory Park standoff suspect has mental condition  2014-03-25
DALLAS - After a massive police presence, school and businesses locked down, and a SWAT deployment, Dallas police said reports that an active shooter was firing a weapon from an apartment complex Tuesday morning might not have been correct. Police took David Arnold Lamb, 38, into custody on Tuesday afternoon after an intense three-hour standoff. "Well, I don't believe he had a gun. He's just not ...
Suspect in standoff near Victory Park arrested, found unarmed  2014-03-25
An suspect who barricaded himself inside a downtown Dallas apartment complex is in police custody after a standoff midday Tuesday.
Child killed in Dallas drug-related crash  2014-03-24
The man who caused a fatal crash in Dallas admitted smoking PHP before he got behind the wheel, police said.
Judge rules father of drunk driving crash victim deserves no compensation  2014-03-21
FORT WORTH -- The widow of youth pastor Brian Jennings broke down on the witness stand Friday. Her husband was among four people killed in the drunk driving crash of then-16-year-old Ethan Couch last year. Shaunna Jennings had to appear in civil court because her husband's estranged father claimed a portion of the financial settlement stemming from the crash. John Paul Jennings had a legal right ...
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Fort Worth DWI Not Guilty
I was arrested for a DWI and Submitted to a breath test. My breath test results were .116. I did not want a conviction on my record and wanted to protect my future. I called 1-888-DISMISS. The attorneys at the law firm of Dunham & Jones took my case with no money down and set up an affordable pay plan. We went to trial and I was found NOT GUILTY.

I highly recommend the law firm of Dunham & Jones. They did exactly what they said they could do!! - Bianca M.

DWI Breath Test Not Guilty
I was arrested for DWI and submitted to a breath test. I was pulled over by the police because of a flat tire. I cooperated with the police and submitted to a breath test. My breath test results were high (.17). I then received a flier from the law firm of Dunham & Jones and called 1-888-DISMISS and set up a free consultation. During my free consultation it was explained to me that just because I did a breath test did not mean the State could prove their case. The attorneys filed pretrial motions and at the hearing, my attorney discovered information that was used to convince the prosecutor to dismiss my case.
The attorneys at Dunham & Jones did exactly what they said they could do. They were very thorough and professional. The Firm even set up a pay plan to work around my budget.
I strongly recommend the law firm of Dunham & Jones if you are facing a DWI. - Joah M.

Not Guilty - Texas DWI
I was arrested for DWI. I did not do a breath test, but admitted to drinking 12 beers. I told the police that "I had messed up." I was pulled over because I was going the wrong way on a one way street. I realized I had a lot to drink, but I did not feel intoxicated. I called Dunham & Jones and they immediately prepared for a trial. They made me feel comfortable and at the same time confident that I would win my case. Everything worked out like they said - NOT GUILTY.

- Javier H.

Breath Test Not Guilty DWI
I was arrested for DWI and submitted to a breath test. I failed the breath test by blowing .094. Because I am a licensed nurse, a conviction could have resulted in the loss of my nursing license. I called 1-888-DISMISS. The attorneys at the law firm of Dunham & Jones took my case with no money down and setup an affordable pay plan. We went to trial and I was found NOT GUILTY.

I highly recommend the law firm of Dunham & Jones. They did exactly what they said they could do!

- Mary B.